How do I choose my VPN Provider

Usually I would go around checking out user reviews to find out which vpn provider is suitable for me, but apart from reviews, I check out whether it fits my requirement and whether it fits my budget.

Cost: I usually get a VPN that costs $10 or less. There are some expensive VPNs out there but I do not want to spend more than $10 a month. I can often get a further discount on $10 if I choose to pay for 6 months or 1 year at a time, so if you are convinced that you are going to need the VPN over the long term, then it is probably a good idea to pay for 6 or 12 months at a time and enjoy even more savings!

Data theft:

Go with a reliable company that is not run by some anonymous corporation offshore. You do have to worry about your data getting stolen by the VPN provider, so go with a reputable company. Do not just choose any random guys that might run away with your data.


Some VPN providers log all your activity, so it is better to choose one which does not log just for your security. There are some companies that do not have data logs or connection logs. Do read their privacy policy to know the fine details about how they handle your data.


You are going to need OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP support probably. Companies that offer this support are good for you.

Mobile browsing:

Do you want to browse on your phone using a VPN? If so then certain companies have phone browsing vpn apps that you can use on your ios or android device easily. It will be very convenient for you in that case.

DNS Leak Protection:

There can often be DNS leaks that will give away your ip. You should be protected against DNS leaks. Some vpn companies offer the dns leak protection and you want to use that offer. It really matters when a certain hacker tries to get your ip using a dns leak.

VPN Kill Switch:

This one is definitely useful at times too.


How much data do you really need? Find a suitable plan according to the data you plan to consume.

Bittorent connections:

Some VPNs do not allow bittorent while others do. It all depends upon your vpn company whether they allow it or not. If you are going to use torrents, then you need to make sure your company is happy to allow bittorent connections.

VPN Features

As we discussed earlier, guarding your security and privacy is increasingly important. Whether you are at the workplace, a public place or even at your home, you need a VPN not just for protection, but also for a better unrestricted browsing experience. Before you try to test various VPN services, you need to know what to look for in a VPN service.

vpn features

There used to be a time when VPNs were only used by the business people, but nearly everyone has the ability tou se VPN for their needs. Everyone has benefits from VPN, from security benefits to privacy to accessing geographically restricted content.
You may be interested in a free VPN service, but if you want to watch streaming videos using your VPN, you may find out that the free services do not offer good streaming speed. For example, if you want to access something like BBC iplayer from outside the UK using a free UK vpn, you may not be able to get good streaming speed. If you want to browse securely and have good speeds with unlimited data transfer, then you really need to pay up.
Not only you get good speed and unlimited data, but you also receive good customer support which will be useful when you experience any kind of technical problems that you are not able to troubleshoot yourself. If you are looking for a vpn service, tunnel bear is a new vpn service that you can use.

First of all you want to test the speed of your VPN company. For that you use a speed testing service such as The VPN speed is also limited by your own connection speed, so the VPN speed should be ideally more than your own connection’s speed at which you connect to the VPN network. If your own broadband provides you 5 mb/s then you should be ok with anything above 5 mb/s from your vpn company. Also keep in mind that download and upload speeds are not equal. Usually you will only have less than 10% upload speed compared to your download speed.

Latency is another thing you want to test. This will be necessary for applications such as chatting, where you do not want latency because you want the chat message to appear to you quickly. If it is taking several seconds to establish connection, then you want to reconsider your vpn. The geographical location of the vpn will also matter for your latency. If you are into role playing games online, then latency will be a big deal for you too.

Why Get A VPN?

There are several reasons why you would want to use a VPN. You may just want to have kept your privacy, all your Internet service provider is blocking some websites that you want to access. If you want to have a VPN company, you will want to google it but there are a lot of VPN companies out there and it will be really hard to find one that works for you. So we have written a a few reviews of various VPN companies that you may want to use.


There are several things that you want to look for in a VPN company. One of the main things is the speed they provide you. The other thing is that the data should be unlimited so that you can download or upload as much as you want. When you are downloading something using an Such as bit torrent then you do not want to be on some kind of bad lists even if you are downloading something perfectly legal. If you are browsing from an strictly monitored place, then you don’t not want to be recorded about what kind of sites you browse. You do not want your browsing activities to be recorded just because you respect your privacy. Sometimes you want to access content that is only available in certain region, then you can use a VPN from that region and access the content normally. For example when there is a soccer match and the content is only available to viewers in the Netherlands, then you can use a Netherlands VPN and view the content easily.

If you are in none of the above scenarios, you can still benefit a lot from using a VPN service. For example when you are browsing on some aren’t trusted network where you are not confident about your security, you can use a VPN to browse securely over an encrypted network. When you access your social accounts over a network that is not secure it can cause you significant problems.

So when you are going to choose a VPN provider, make sure you choose a provider that is not logging your activity.

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